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Posted by Magi Mogg on Tue, Feb 11, 2020

You may have heard about Pacesetter Homes' new Integrated Smart Home system that is included with every home purchase, but today, we're taking a seat with Vice President of Pacesetter Homes, Sandra Young, as she chats with Davis Hodgins, Founder and CEO of Home Otto. Davis is the mastermind behind the smart home technology that is built-in to your new home.

Join Sandra and Davis as they discuss our new smart home system. They'll talk about the reasons why Pacesetter is giving everyone who buys a new home an integrated smart system, how Home Otto works with your home's blueprint, and what sets your new smart home system apart from other after-market solutions that other builders offer.

Pacesetter's Integrated Smart Home system gives homeowners the power of Artificial Intelligence that lets your home automation system learn your patterns, giving you peace of mind, energy efficiency, and maximum convenience when it comes to the little things.

Your new smart home comes pre-installed, and ready to use on the day that you move into your new home. Your smart home has so many advantages, but some of best things about having a smart home is the convenience you'll be afforded. When you come home to your Integrated Smart Home, your furnace is set to kick in right before you arrive, your door locks will open when you are within reach, and your lights will turn on and off when you step through the door. That's the power of home automation, and you can control all the smart features of your home in one easy app!

Your integrated home automation system comes totally free. No monthly fees here!

Learn More About Our Integrated Smart Homes!

Interested in learning more about our brand new integrated smart home system that is standard in every Pacesetter Home? Get in-depth information, more details, and book a showing to view our home automation systems in action today!

Pacesetter Integrated Smart Home App

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