What Does Your Fave Paint Colour Say About You?

Posted by Courtney C. on Tue, Dec 19, 2017

What Does Your Fave Paint Colour Say About You Pink Featured ImageHave you ever noticed you might have a “type”? No, we’re not talking about the psychology of dating, but we are talking the psychology of colour.

Yes, it’s a thing. 

Maybe you’ve found as you flip through magazines, scroll through Pinterest, or visit a show home, that you’re always drawn to the same type of room. And when it comes time to designing your own home, you have to face it – you have a favourite paint colour.

But have you ever wondered what that favourite colour says about you? Find your fave, and let’s explore!


Green paint swatches tend to be picked up by green thumbs. Vibrant greens bring energy into the home, while softer tones like sage green can be relaxing. If nature soothes your soul, you may (naturally) gravitate to green; reflecting the outdoors inside your home works to satisfy your desire for consistency and balance.

What Does Your Fave Paint Colour Say About You Blue ImageBlue

Blue is associated with soothing and calming effects - think ocean tides and clear skies. If you feel drawn to paint your home in shades of blue, you may be trying to create an oasis away from your busy life. Blue lovers are sociable and hard-working, but that means they’re also busy. Coming home to serene blue walls is the relief they need. 


If your paint colour of choice is purple, you’re likely highly creative and artistic. In a room painted purple, your innovative spirit can soar and the way you choose to decorate seem quite unconventional to others (but is rich with meaning for you.) Those drawn to deeper, regal tones may have an appreciation for fine quality and a romantic view of life. 


Joy! Energy! Vitality! These are the feelings evoked by the colour orange, and characterize those who favour it. If your favourite paint colour is orange, you’re surely fun and energetic, but you’re also very organized and assertive. This paint colour is your perfect match to keep the high-energy flowing. 


It really is all sunflowers and sunshine in a room painted yellow. Those who favour yellow are cheerful and optimistic. As a social yellow-lover, this paint colour allows your home to be a stimulating environment that lifts the moods of the many visitors you enjoy having. 

What Does Your Fave Paint Colour Say About You White ImageWhite

While you may be a bit of a perfectionist, if white’s your favourite colour, you always maintain a bright and delightful nature. You can be a bit sensitive, though, so you want your home to be a serene place to unwind. Nothing quite matches your personality better than a clean, clutter-free home doused in white. 


When people say you have a “strong personality” you readily agree. Red being your favourite colour reflects your fiery and energetic qualities. Bringing this colour into your home instantly draws a lot of attention (which you love), creating spaces where your extroverted nature can shine. 


A playful and sweet colour, pink fans embody those same qualities. Bringing this paint colour into your home shows off your fun and optimistic disposition, but it also demonstrates your nurturing side. You never shy away from a good hug, so a room painted pink gives both you and your guests a soothing feeling that’s just so you


If your favourite paint colour is brown, despite the neutrality, you’re far from boring. Instead, you're warm, friendly, and super down to earth. Your openness and quiet support are what draw so many people to you. Still, you can be undeniably (and happily) introverted; your home painted brown creates a comforting environment where you can settle in to read and appreciate the rich, earthy tones that remind you of nature.


Dark and gloomy? That’s just what people think – and maybe you like it that way. You may be drawn to black due to your more serious demeanour but you also have an air of mystery about you. This is why you can’t be pinned down to the stereotype of coldness – you’re much more complex than that. Black paint suits your sophisticated and powerful nature, but it also shows your rebellious and adventurous side – you’re not afraid to stand out. 


If you’d paint your entire home in shades of grey, you’re a forward-thinker that appreciates both elegance and modernity. You approach life with a sense of stability and the people around you consider you “cool, calm, and collected”. You want your home design to meet that need for simplicity and balance. 

Whether you wholeheartedly believe in the power of colour psychology or not, it’s fun to see how your design choices might reflect your personality. And you can test it out yourself – stand in rooms painted various colours and notice how your feelings might change from room to room. With this in mind, your paint choices can not only make your home look the way you want but feel the way you want, too. 

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