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Posted by Jennifer G. on Thu, Feb 7, 2019


Whether you’ve just purchased a new home, or you’re looking to increase the value of your current property by sprucing up outdated rooms, finding your interior design style is an important part of creating a great space. Whether you’re drawn towards the warmth of rustic furnishings, or love the sleek sophistication of a contemporary home – whatever your style, finding the right colours, designs, and materials is an exciting process.

Finding Your Interior Design Style

For a lot of people, interior design is uncharted territory – it might not mean anything more than a question like, “where can I fit this sofa set I just bought?” Finding a design that works for your room, and appeals to your personal taste can sometimes be a difficult task. If you purchase a newly-built home, you’ll need to pick out flooring, determine wall colours, decide on cabinetry, add tile backsplash, select plumbing, find window coverings that work, and even choose which style of door handle you like best.

Simply put, there are tons of design choices you need to make when building or remodeling your home, and every one of those decisions is up to you. Exciting? Of course! Who wouldn’t love customizing every inch of their living space? On the other hand, there are a lot of decisions to make and options to choose from.

When a new home owner arrives at the important stage of choosing their design selections, we provide a style guide that features most of the finish options that homeowners will see during their interior selections appointment at designQ. The design style guide is an invaluable (and exciting!) resource for making your new home your own. Before we get into what you can expect to find in the design guide, there’s a few reasons why you should make sure you use the guide either before your interior selections appointment, or when you consider upgrading your current home.

Why use the interior design style guide?

 One of the most important reasons to use the design style guide is to help define your own style tastes. There are thousands of different style, colour, and material combinations that you can select for your home, and if you don’t have at least some idea of what you like (or dislike), making design choices that you are happy with for years to come will be an even more daunting task.

Within the style guide, some of our most popular cabinet and door styles, paint and finish colours, tile and flooring selections, and plumbing and hardware options are organized in an easy-to-read format accompanied by images of our show homes. The catalogue can help give you the ideas and inspiration you need to help find your design style!2019-02-07-new-home-interior-design-guide-catalogue

Another big reason to use the design style guide is to help educate yourself and know your available options. Is it better to choose vinyl plank or hardwood flooring on the main level? How thick does your island countertop need to be in order to support an under mount sink basin? Can you get that perfect baseboard in oak? All these questions are ones that you may need to take into consideration when designing or upgrading your home – using the design guide can give you an idea of what options are available to you based on your home model and specifications. Of course, your design specialist will help you with these questions when you arrive for your interior selections appointment, but being ahead of the game will help you make the best decisions for your new home. 

Last but not least, using the design style guide is important to make your interior selection appointment at designQ a success. To reiterate, there are a lot of decisions to be made when designing your new home. If you come prepared to your designQ appointment, you can spend less time thinking about what you might like, and more time deciding what you do like.

The design style guide takes you through a number of rooms, options, and products that you’ll come across in your designQ walkthrough. Of course, you might change your mind when you see the products up close and in person, but the best approach to making your interior selection appointment efficient and stress-free is to do a bit of decision making beforehand.

What's inside the style guide?

The free design style guide is filled with popular options, colours, and styles that you will come across during your interior selection appointment. Even if you aren’t selecting your products and finishes for your new home, this guide is a great way to help you find your design style when starting your own home upgrades!

Throughout the guide, you’ll find images of a variety of spaces in our show homes that feature an array of different finishes, specifications, and products that you can select for your new home. Images are the best way of finding a look that you love, so use this design guide and an image search to get inspired!

The free design style guide has tons of choices and information for you to explore, but we’ll cover a few of them here, just to get you started.

2019-02-07-new-home-interior-design-guide-cabinetsFirst, you’ll find a wide range of cabinet styles, materials, and colours for your kitchen and bathrooms. Your kitchen can be designed to your taste with custom cabinetry, an upgraded range hood, furniture toe kicks on the island, and upgraded crown mouldings. To top your new cabinets off, choose from our selection of colours and edge profiles for both quartz and granite countertops.

Next, you’ll want to consider our lineup of plumbing: sink basins and faucets in the kitchen ranging from top mounted stainless steel and chrome to silgranite apron sinks, with brushed nickel. Pick the perfect style of plumbing in the bathroom for your renovation project or new home build: there’s multiple toilets, pedestal sinks, basins, shower doors, and taps to browse.

Here’s a tip: don’t neglect your window coverings; they’re a great way to personalize and create a beautifully designed space! The style guide has a number of images with examples of different window coverings. Each option creates a different atmosphere in your room, so be sure to consider your choices carefully!

If you think a stub wall is boring, the design style guide has a large section dedicated to creating the perfect interior railing for your staircases. With hundreds of possible configuration, material, and colour combinations, make sure you get a grasp of what railings you want in your home before you start your remodel or selection appointment.

Hardwood, Vinyl plank, laminate, tile, carpet… our flooring catalogue is massive, and the design style guide highlights some of our most popular options for your consideration. With so many materials and colours, there’s a perfect flooring solution for your design tastes.

Last, but certainly not least, the design style guide showcases some of our fireplace and mantel options. There are multiple ways for you to customize your new fireplace and mantel, and all of them will make your space of choice cozy, comfortable, and welcoming for friends and family alike. Choose either built-in or wall mount, electric or gas, and modern or contemporary fireplace options.

Download the Interior Design Guide Now

With so many interior design options, it can be difficult to find a great look for your rooms. Take a look through our free design style guide to find inspiration before you decide on your new home finishes, or even before you start to remodel your own home!


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