Qualico’s 65 Acts of Kindness

Posted by Jennifer G. on Tue, Jul 19, 2016

acts-of-kindness.jpgDid you know that Qualico is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year?! Wait, who is Qualico anyway?

Qualico is a privately owned, fully integrated real estate company that was founded by David and Katherine Friesen in Winnipeg, Manitoba way back in the 1950’s.

What started out as a small home building company has now become a giant player in the industry with a spectrum of activities including single and multi-family home building, residential land acquisition and development, commercial and industrial development, property management, and building supply and manufacturing. So, what does this have to do with Pacesetter Homes Ltd?

Pacesetter Homes Ltd. is one of several home building companies that operate under the Qualico umbrella. Back to the point - as proud participants, we’d love to take this opportunity to share with you exactly how Qualico will be spending their 65th anniversary year!

Qualico has introduced a new program titled “65 Acts of Kindness”. They will be dedicating $65,000 from the corporate giving budget to be used for 65 different applications from Qualico staff.

This means that 65 different charities will each be receiving $1000 donations- all at the hands of the staff that wish to nominate them! The donations are intended to support the activities, charities, and philanthropic efforts that Qualico staff are involved in, with the end goal of making an impact in the communities we live in.

So far, 15 lovely charities have been selected to receive donations. The following is only a handful of those charities that are near and dear to our hearts:   

I must say, that is one doozy of an anniversary gift! A big shout out to Qualico for their kindness and generosity. We can’t wait to see the rest of the charities that will benefit from this initiative and we are so excited to take part. Here’s to another 65, Qualico!

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