TBT: Old Pacesetter Floor Plans

Posted by Jennifer G. on Thu, Aug 24, 2017

TBT: Old Pacesetter Floor Plans Featured imageNo one can deny the feel-good effects brought on by some happy nostalgia. 

Whether it comes from playing that song you had on repeat for what seems like the entirety of your high school career or from a whiff of Grandma’s special apple pie, we all love a good throwback. 

We’ve been feeling a little nostalgic lately, too, so we’ve decided to turn the spotlight onto some retired Pacesetter floor plans!

Indulge in a blast from the past with us! Check out these old floor plans - don’t forget to let us know the features you’d love to see again and those you could leave behind.

TBT: Old Pacesetter Floor Plans Cambridge Floor Plan image

The Cambridge 

Visiting a home built with the Cambridge floor plan meant you would always be looking up! 

Family meals in the dining nook would take place beneath a grand, nine-foot ceiling. Upstairs, you could rest in the open bonus room while gazing upon the gorgeous vaulted ceiling. If you love the vaulted ceiling look, you’d likely gush over the sitting area in the owner’s suite. It was separate from the rest of the bedroom, up a step, surrounded by windows for ample amounts of natural lighting.

A private sitting area in your owner’s suite – would you appreciate it every day or never use the space?

TBT: Old Pacesetter Floor Plans Melrose Floor Plan imageThe Melrose

We think one of the coolest features of this floor plan was the first-floor layout. Entering through the front entrance, you’d find yourself in the foyer, complete with a seating bench and storage closet. Entering from the garage, you'd then step into the mudroom, featuring a water closet, laundry room, and plenty of storage space. 

Now, here’s the cool part: the rest of the main floor was on a whole new level – literally! 

To get to the main, open concept living area from either entrance point, you’d have to go up a couple steps. This created, in our opinion, stunning views sure to impress guests – what do you think?

TBT: Old Pacesetter Floor Plans Rembrandt Floor Plan imageThe Rembrandt 

If you’re a parent, you’ll most likely agree that as much as we love our children, sometimes we just need some space. Enter the Rembrandt floor plan! It was uniquely designed to allow space between the two additional bedrooms and the owner’s suite – an entire floor of space! 

The owner’s suite, walk-in closet, and ensuite bathroom were located on the first floor of this plan for convenience and privacy – love it or leave it?

The Vincent 

The first floor of this plan was certainly beautiful, but it was the upper floor features that really took the cake. 

TBT: Old Pacesetter Floor Plans Vincent Floor Plan image

Not only could you enjoy the open-to-below view as you ascended the stairs, a railing to one side of the landing would allow you to overlook the great room beneath and admire the coffered ceiling. To the other side of the landing was a bonus room with dropped bulk heads, another sight to see!

But our two favourite luxurious features were found in the owner’s suite. A two-way fireplace sat elegantly between the bedroom area and ensuite bathroom, and the huge walk-in closet included an island! Would these features be favourited by you too?

We hope you enjoyed this floor plan throwback as much as we did. 

What do you like and/or dislike about these retired floor plans? Have any creative ideas of your own? We’d absolutely love to hear from you! 

Leave a comment below or contact us directly; at Pacesetter Homes, we value your preferences.

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Click here to get your free Guide from Pacesetter Homes!

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