How Your Integrated Smart Home can Make Selling Your Home Easier

Posted by Curtis S. on Thu, Feb 6, 2020

Smart-Digital-600x300-WebCTA-HiYou may have heard about Pacesetter’s new Integrated Smart Home Technology that now comes standard with every new home, but you might not have thought about all of the benefits that a new smart home has to offer…

Sell Your Home Faster with an Integrated Smart Home System

Smart home technology is the way of the future, and everyone knows it. Whether we like it or not, our lives are becoming more and more smart (we have smart phones, smart vacuums, smart homes, smart fridges), and when it comes time for you to move out of your new home, you’ll be happy that you have an integrated smart home system installed.

Having built-in home automation from your builder gives you a number of advantages, whether you’re selling your big-brained house, or buying one.


Pacesetter Integrated Smart Home Status

The Advantages for Sellers

There are a lot of advantages that an integrated smart home provides when it comes to selling your home, but one of the biggest upsides that you can expect when listing your home for sale is the higher value of your home.

When selling, you’ll be able to show practical (and fun) features such as a smart thermostat that you can control with your phone, automatic door locks that open and shut when you get near the front door, and lights that can be set for any mood or situation. When you list your smart home, built-in automation will offer a valuable addition to buyers that could mean the difference between a sale, and another day on the market.


Maybe you’re one of those people who are excited to see where the future of technology takes us. You can’t wait until our cars are driving themselves, and our glasses can double as phone screens. Even if you are a little more hesitant to see the future come to life, having smart technology integrated into your home can attract buyers in a certain niche: the tech-enthusiasts.

They say that your home doesn’t have to appeal to everyone – just the right person. With so many homes on the market, when it comes to selling yours, a Realtor will try to find the right buyers for the style of home, location you live in, and the features included in the property you’re trying to sell. If you add a fully-integrated home automation system into the mix, you’re offering a great incentive for people who are just as excited about the futuristic features as you are.

Pacesetter Integrated Smart Home Temperature Control

No one likes high utility bills, especially when it means your home is heating up rooms that you aren’t even in. One of the biggest advantages for sellers when listing their smart home for sale is that they can offer a home that is not just smart, but environmentally intelligent.

Your integrated smart home knows when you are home and away, and can set your thermostat to conserve energy (and money) when you’re out and about. When you come home, the system can pre-heat your home so that it feels like your furnace has been on, when in reality, you were saving energy while away. Offering buyers a home that will not only fit their family for years to come, but can also save them money is a really big selling feature. Think of it this way: if you viewed two homes that were almost identical, but knew that one of them would save you cold hard cash for the entire time you were living in it, which home would you go for?

Your buyers will choose that one, too.


The Advantages for Buyers

 Of course, the real reason why any home sells is that a buyer sees value in the home itself. Whether it’s situational value (proximity to work, need to find a home fast, etc.), or extra value that sweetens the deal, your home needs to attract buyers by meeting their needs and offering the most bang for their buck. This may be a simplistic way of looking at the reasons why people buy the homes that they do, but don’t underestimate the value of your home.

Your integrated smart home presents great resale value that can also be passed on to buyers for when they want to sell their home. Your smart system is built with the blueprints used to construct your home, so it works flawlessly, and will remain usable by the next owners, even when you move out.

Appealing to buyers not only with a smart system that they’ll love, but one that will also help them sell their home is a great draw!

Pacesetter Integrated Smart Home Lighting System

It can sometimes feel like technology is changing and advancing faster than we can keep up, but with your integrated smart home, your home will always stay up to date. With other after-market smart home systems, your devices can become outdated in only a year. With your new smart home, the hardware and software is built-in, but can be replaced with the newest and shiniest features at any time.

When a buyer learns that their prospective new home will remain updated for years after they move in, it will definitely help to set your home apart from the other after-market solutions that so many other houses might be sporting.


Pacesetter Integrated Smart Home Security SystemLet’s face it: home security companies can be some of the shadiest characters out there. Paying monthly fees for monitoring, servicing and warranty issues on hardware, and even charges just for using a security service is frustrating (and needlessly expensive). Often, when you move out of a home, the next buyer doesn’t even get access to the home security system that was installed (unless they sign a new contract with the security company themselves).

Perhaps the best part about your new integrated smart home is that you get the peace of mind, security features, and hardware that the other guys are offering, but you don’t have to pay a dime. Imagine buying a home that came with a free security system… like, totally free. Wouldn’t that be enough to sway your opinion on purchasing one home over another?

Your new smart home is fully integrated and requires little set up, even when you leave and someone else moves in!

Learn More About Our Integrated Smart Homes!

If you like what you’ve seen so far, we can show you even more features in your integrated smart home that will help you sell your home fast! Find out more or speak with one of our new home experts to learn more about the integrated smart home technology that is included with every Pacesetter home today!


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