The Latest Quick Possession Homes From Pacesetter!

Posted by Jennifer G. on Fri, Aug 2, 2019

The Latest Quick Possession Homes From Pacesetter! Featured ImageStarting a new job? Another baby on the way? Simply fed up with your never-ending home renovation to-do list? 

Whatever your reason for needing a new home without the wait, we've got your solution. Click here to browse Pacesetter's current selection of Quick Possession Homes. We are continually building superb, masterfully-crafted homes... just for you!

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Downsizing: The Pros and Cons of Making your Move

Posted by Jennifer G. on Wed, Jul 31, 2019

Jensen-Lakes-Downsizing-FeatureLooking to live life in a smaller home? Have the last of your children recently left the nest? Want to worry less about home maintenance and think more about setting yourself up for financial comfort? No matter what your reason for moving into a smaller home, downsizing is a move that has a lot of benefits for long-time homeowners and young families alike.

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What to do with all that Debt

Posted by Jennifer G. on Wed, Jul 24, 2019


No matter who you are, if you own your own home, your own car, or your own credit card, you’ve probably acquired some debt. Whether it’s “good debt” or “bad debt,” everyone knows what it feels like to worry about repaying those car payments or credit card bills. For some, debts can build up – whether it’s because of an unexpected circumstance or forgetting to make payments. Whatever the reason, there are options and resources for you to get back to being debt-free.

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Mortgages Made Easy: Ownest Mortgage Service

Posted by Jennifer G. on Wed, Jul 17, 2019

ownest-mortgage-service-featureFeeling stressed about the mortgage qualification process? Dreading the thought of having to seek out the best interest rates possible on your own? Not sure what documents you need to send for an approval? Worry no more – there’s a new mortgage service that can help save you time and money. Ownest is a new way to find the perfect mortgage for your financial situation. To help get you started with the newest and best way to shop for a mortgage, we’re diving into what the Ownest Mortgage Service is, and how it works when you buy a home with Pacesetter!

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Building a New Home with a Realtor and Sales Manager

Posted by Jennifer G. on Wed, Jul 10, 2019

building-new-home-with-realtor-and-sales-manager-featureThinking of building a new home? Worried that working with a builder could be a complex process with too many unknowns? Like the idea of working with a Realtor, but unsure whether or not a builder would feel the same way? No matter what your concerns, building a new home that meets all of your family’s needs is attainable and easy when you put your trust in experienced professionals.

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Comparing Interior Design Styles: Basement Showdown

Posted by Jennifer G. on Wed, Jul 3, 2019

comparing-design-styles-basement-featureGetting tired of coming downstairs to an empty basement that has transformed into a glorified storage room? Building a brand new home and want to get the most out of every square foot of your floorplan? Forget about cold floors and bare stud walls – your basement can be an entertaining hot spot, income suite, or haven for the kids. Today, we’re going to compare two of our show homes that feature finished basements to give you some interior design inspiration when it comes time to build your dream home, or update your current home!

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Comparing Interior Design Styles: Great Room Showdown

Posted by Jennifer G. on Thu, Jun 27, 2019

comparing-interior-design-great-room-featureWhether you’re entertaining guests or settling in for the evening with family, the great room is a space in your home where friends and loved ones come together. A warm fireplace in the winter, wide windows that let in  natural light during the summer, and open access to the kitchen and nook for after-dinner conversation is part of what makes the great room unique. Today, we’re going to take an in-depth look at two of our most stunning home models to compare the interior design of the place where your family and friends can come together!

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Here Is the Real Deal with Edmonton's Housing Market

Posted by Jennifer G. on Tue, Jun 25, 2019

UPDATE: JUNE 25, 2019
Written by Jennifer Garman, Marketing Manager

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