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How to Avoid Buyer's Remorse

Posted by Jennifer G. on Tue, Oct 14, 2014

avoid-buyers-remorse-coupleWe’ve all experienced a little buyer’s remorse at some point in our lives. Maybe you bought an overpriced handbag you loved but had trouble justifying the price. Perhaps you loved your sports car before you had a family, but are now wishing you’d opted for a more sensible minivan.  

The point is, buyer’s remorse is a very real thing, and the more money you spend, the more likely you are to feel it. That’s why it’s especially important to go into the home-buying process as prepared as humanly possible. Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, so here are some things to consider to help you be the happiest with your new home! 

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Your New Home Wish List

Posted by Barbara Lee on Thu, Mar 21, 2013

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If you want a home that is designed specifically for you, choosing a new home builder that allows for changes to the home plan where you can select the amenities and features is the most practical option. If you're buying a resale home, you may have to give up some of the things on your list as wants, for the more basic things you need, simply because you can’t move walls or add a vaulted ceiling to a home plan that’s already built. When you choose to build your home from the ground up, the possibility of fulfilling your wish list is much greater. This means items you feel are most important are more likely to be within your reach.

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Choosing the Location and Community for Your New Home

Posted by Barbara Lee on Tue, Mar 12, 2013

choosing location community new homeWhen you're getting set to build your new home, location is one of very first things that you'll need to decide on. You may be able to change the layout of your home, add features to the backyard, and even add more space when you welcome a new addition, but you can't pick up your house it move it because the community you initially chose isn't easily accessible or convenient. Just because you know you're ready to build in Edmonton, doesn't mean that you know exactly where in the capital city will work best for you. Since location is one of the few things that you can't change about your home, take time to truly think about all the factors that'll matter. 

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